Eaton ho72 gears

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Eaton ho72 gears

Log in or Sign up. Help identifying GM axle. Found pic but can't read it?? Joined: Jul 15, Location: Durham. I've tried everything. Even printing it out but just can't read it to save my life. It's the one in the picture link attached below almost at the very bottom right but to the left of the Toyota Landcruiser. But I don't. But kinda got sucked into trying to help him out cause he is a nice guy. You can clearly see the back cover bolts are exactly like this picture but no identification tag on his axle what so ever.

He just wants to go to a more desirable gear than his current 4. Tried talking him into just swapping to a more modern and easier found 14 bolt or D70 but he wants to stick with this dinosour to match his restoration. After I figure out the name of it I basically just going to try to find another axle geared 3.

I'm sure someone on here might would trade even for his 4. His axle is 8 lug full floater if that helps. His hubs are shroomed out with the conical sp washers like all old full floaters I've seen pre '65'ish. Other than rebuild parts, hardly anything is out there. Noticing that it is a 48, likely that is not the axle, but another outdated low ratio GM dinosaur that you will not find higher ratios for.

Neither axle is desirable for the 4x4 world either, pretty much nonexistent diff options. GCncsuHDFeb 3, Okay someone please explain the options for this axle. Been doing some research and there doesn't seem to be much info available. Are 5. Anyone have any expierance with these? Originally Posted by knobby Scott, Got any pointers on how to put 14 bolt hubs on my Eaton?

I need my Eaton to be 67" wide. Originally Posted by Scott Rockstomper. You won't find much on HO52's at all. The Eaton rear that is more commonly used under 4x4's where a bolt might otherwise be used, is an HO Popular gear ratios are 4.

Other than that, it's basically a sheetmetal-housing bolt. Originally Posted by Avenger. Got any pointers on how to put 14 bolt hubs on my Eaton? My front is 69". The other option is to run 1" spacers, but I'd rather run the 14 bolt hubs. I am going around with that issue also. Trying to match my front HP60 and my 5.

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I have a spare eaton has 65" hubs. I also have a set of 14bolt hubs that could be modified to work.

eaton ho72 gears

The inner bearing is no problem, you can mix and match to get it to work. Use the eaton bearing and the 14bolt race. The outer is a bigger problem. The eaton bearing is much bigger than the 14bolt. So, you have to get the 14bolt hub machined out to fit the eaton bearing in it. That means the hub must be turned for the race seat and the retaining spring groove.

I am leaning toward running a set of spacers on my eaton. Oh yeah, last november when on my search for an eaton, Martins had one with 5. This was a 63" wide version. It might still be there.

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Orange chevy truck with a flatbed. No front axle. I verified the gear ratio, so it it is there, you got it. Martins is proud of thier stuff, so bring the money, they don't dicker and they won't let you take the third only.

Originally Posted by Camp. Originally Posted by Clod Hopper. Not sure if I follow you exactly. The 14 bolt hub has to be machined for the Eaton race and then the Eaton bearing will work -- correct?

Seems like an easy machining job.Help Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 19 of Any local folks running one here? My plan is to run 40's on my K I like the weight savings, better ground clearance and the gearing options 4.

I have read that the strength difference is very close to the same even on the axle shafts 30 spline vs 17 spline. If I read things correctly, the 14 bolt disc brake conversion will also work on the Eaton's as well. Originally Posted by sw There is some very good info on this axle on Pirate. Bottom line is this, it's lighter than a 14b, can recieve 14b shafts, and is very strong.

As far as strength goes, the ring gear is larger than a 14b and the pinion has the extra bearing like a 9 inch. It resembles a giant 9 inch. You will know you have an HO72 if you have the pinion deflection bolt visible on the pinion area of the housing. Mine is shaved, and I've beat the living piss out of it and it gives me no trouble.

Ring and pinion gear sets are not easy to find, however looking at the strength of these axles, it's not likely that a 5. Actually, the Eaton uses a 5. It won't work with a 14b detroit. This axle is not a high pinion application, which is not a plus, but I've beat on mine, hard, and it's fine.

Initially I wondered about the tube strength of the center drop out style housing, but after a brutal trip to Farmington, I no longer question tube strength. I couldn't have beat on it much harder than I did in Farmington. I'm in Thornton, not far from Brighton, if you are interested in a look. I spent a lot time wheeling tellico and a lot of those guys ran the Eatons in their trucks with big time power and heavy feet.

I never saw one break. Originally Posted by cmd What, besides 14b spiders, needs to be done to run 14b shafts? Making progress on the big build. To run 14 bolt shafts most guys drop in a 14 bolt 30 spline Detroit Locker. I did find one with a no-spin and 5. Biggest drawbacks to me for the Eaton is: 1 widest width is 65" which doesn't match up very well with a late model D44 or 60 2 No one makes an air locker.

I have one with the 5. I've had it for several years with the intention of tearing into it to see if it has a locker, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Have you already tried spinning one hub to see what the other does?

That's my first check in the junkyards.

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Might be a fun project. I really like the 14 bolt shaft idea if it is truly that simple.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how!

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Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. Does anyone know where I can find one????? The tallest factory gears were 4.

A few years back, one of the aftermarket gear outfits ran off a batch of 3. Also, no offense intended, but I'm going to ask that the mod move this to the truck forum. Ray Those who choose an automatic transmission want transportation. Those who choose a manual transmission want to drive.

No offense taken in the wrong placement. I'm new to the forum and didn't read down far enough to see that there was a truck section. Maybe this section should be marked "chevy cars". I will repost my question in the right section. Are you sure that you got the right info from Eaton?

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Regardless, if you are truly looking for 3. These just aren't around for the older stuff nowadays. Thanks for the input. When I was thinking of "older stuff", I was talking about the I-Beam front axle trucks of '59 and earlier. And I knew there was a 3.

eaton ho72 gears

Regardless, you're not going to have an easy time finding one. I bought two Chevy K trucks brand new. The lowest numerically ratio I could get at that time was a 3. I later had some mid eighties K Suburbans with 3. That's why a lot of people want taller gears for these rears. There may have been aftermarket 3.

If you have one of these rears the most practical fix is still an overdrive transmission or a later rear end swap. I'm saying they were not available through GM, either factory installed or as replacement parts. It looks like Yukon is once again offering the 3. I didn't have any luck finding 3. Had you ever considered going to larger diameter tires on the rear it will have the same effect? Just compare the ratios of the effective rolling radius to estimate the percentage change.Register or Log In To remove these advertisements.

EATON HO72 Rear Axle with Detroit Locker - $500 (Meadview, AZ)

This thread is dedicated to answering all the questions about the Eaton axles and comparing it to the more readily available Corporate 14 bolt. Please post questions you have and I will do my best to answer them in this thread. Please post any errors you see with this info and I will correct it. Sop far, only the brakes are interchangeable between the 14 bolt and the Eaton.

I have seen a lot of requests for part numbers and how-to's for the Eaton brakes. Well, here is my how-to rebuild the brakes on the HO72 and HO Eaton left 14 bolt right 13 inch 14 bolt backing plate assembled and bolted to HO Perfect fit.

This is the one issue with this swap if you are performing it on a 70 or earlier axle. I went ahead and installed the 13 inch drum on a 69 hub with the small studs for this demo. The drum center fits perfectly over the hub. I would not recommend running the brakes this way without using a spacer between the studs and drum, or enlarging the hub to use the larger studs. I'm all over this like stink! Thanks for this, since I have 13" drum brakes off a 14FF. Getting out of the not so common 12" system is going to be a relief.

Help identifying GM axle. Found pic but can't read it??

I want to keep my original diameter wheel studs, so I'm gonna have to search for longer ones to work in this application. Now, what to do with a 14FF axle with out it's brake system Chris, Here is what I was talking about for the studs being smaller The I.

Those measurements aren't perfect because of the knurls. Chris, I am thinking now that running the drums with new stock studs will be OK. Every one of the slide on disc brakes I have done today has a much larger hole than the studs they slide over! As for the length, you are running steel wheels, right? You should have plenty of stud if you have steel wheels.

More Side-by-sides. Check out the different welds on the 71 top and 69 bottom Eaton brackets! This is the 14 bolt spindle nut on the Eaton The 14 bolt bearings are smaller than the Eaton. They have a smaller ID and OD. I want to buy an OEM locker unit for the 52 under my 71 C Does the locker unit determine the ratio? The locker goes inside the diff case halves. You will only find them used, or you can buy buy a detroit locker for a 14 bolt and use 14 bolt axle shafts.

I have one done this way. Posted via Mobile Device. Jeremy, first thanks for posting and accepting questions on this subject. I have recently converted the front drum to disc on my C I would like to stop better and have the same size studs on the rear as well as install a locker.Register or Log In To remove these advertisements. Web chevytrucks. I had no problems with it just swapped to 5 on 5" rear diff to complete my C20 long bed to C10 Short bed conversion. New diff has a little more freeway friendly 3.

Attached Images. Looks like one to me, how many bolts holding the 3rd member in and the rear cover? Find More Posts by kwmech. A and Gear Vendors are on my bucket list. I'm a rough cut country gentleman" R. They'll be extremely obsolete once no more good used parts are available As it is now, the driveshaft turns the pinion, the pinion turns the ring gear, the ring gear turns the axle shafts, and the wheels roll on down the road just the same as a brand new truck or the one that comes out next year.

I,d clean out the diff real well and install syn lube. A good rear end.

eaton ho72 gears

Do a search here or better yet over in the driveleline section to learn more and interesting things about this near bullet proof rear. And also lots of info onother 4x4 specific forums. Thanks for the help guys. I posted an ad for it in the parts for sale area if one of you or someone you know is looking for one.

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Originally Posted by midniteblues. I have been lookin at a 71 9ft stepper 1ton. I thought the rear in this truck is a ho Am I wrong? Correct and here is a handy tech article with part numbers for gaskets and seals etc. Thanks for the info guys.Differentials and traction control.

GM H-052 Differential

Ring and Pinion Gear Sets. Whether you're looking to improve the performance of your vehicle in day-to-day driving or at the track, Eaton's high performance ring and pinion gear sets complement our differentials, helping you get the power to the ground. New QuietTec ring and pinion gears Developed for high performance applications where a smooth, quiet gear set up can be tough to achieve, QuietTec gears are cut with the latest technology to maximize tooth contact and reduce tooth-to-tooth contact pressure for better strength, durability and heat reduction.

Extremely consistent mesh. For High Performance Applications. Newest gear cutting technology. Reduced noise, vibration and harshness NVH in your driveline. Go to Ring and pinion competition series gearsets. Ring and pinion competition series gearsets. Go to Ring and pinion street series gearsets. Ring and pinion street series gearsets. Products Differentials and traction control Ring and pinion gearsets. We provide sustainable solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power — more safely, more efficiently and more reliably.

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